USING #INSTAGRAM FOR GOOD: Using #Barbie to confront #WhiteSaviours in #Africa

(IMAGE: Quartz Africa)

In the satirical Instagram account for Savior Barbie, Barbie is in Africa running an NGO that provides drinking water to locals. “Harnessing broken white hearts to provide water to those in Africa, one tear at a time,” the tagline for her organization reads. The account, started a month ago by two 20-something white women who have worked in East Africa, now has over 18,000 followers.

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#INDIGENOUS #VIDEOGAMES: A summary of what’s out there from 2016

SPED-UP Gameplay of Ienién:te and the Peacemaker’s Wampum, the game created by participants of Skins 4.0 (June 2013) from Obx Labs on Vimeo. Continue reading

#TECHNOLOGY & #INDIGENOUS #LANGUAGES: #TedX Talk on #Ojibway #language #app

Indigenous developer Darrick Baxter talks on his experience of creating an Indigenous language app. Continue reading

#DIGITAL #PUBLISHING & #BOOKS FOR #KIDS: Anishinabek Nation uses #ISSUU for book on #ResidentialSchools

ANISHINABEK NATION uses digital publishing platform ISSUU to produce online books speaking to a variety of topics, including children’s books on the subject of the Residential School System in Canada. Little Butterfly Girl  “a story of how a little girl loses her spirit and identity during her time at Indian Residential School” was published in 2015. Continue reading