FOR MY #ARTIST FRIENDS: Yes you can do #SocialMedia & here’s how!

5 Reasons Why Artists Fail with Social Media (And How to Succeed) – this is a digestible article on how artists can use social media published over on Artwork Archive. The idea of wading out into the sea of social media can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Start small and apply K.I.S.S (keep it simple sweetheart ;)).

My advice is make a routine of it and make that routine manageable – 20 mins a day may be all you need to get started with something that could put you out there to a significant new audience. And chose a platform that you enjoy! Are you more visual? Do you like storytelling with your images? I definitely agree with the tip in the article that says don’t expect immediate returns. Starting social media slow but steady is the best way to win at this game. And remember that the contacts that you make online will work better for you if you engage offline when and if you can. My best strategy with social media was to make it just that – social – the people I engage with online, as best I can, I also engage with them offline. It’s about using the online space to augment and enrich our connections in the physical realm. Don’t let these 5 excuses be your reason not to start:

1. “I Don’t Know What to Write”

2. “I Don’t Have Time”

3. “I Don’t See Returns”

4. “I’ll Just Post and Be Done With It”

5. “I Don’t Understand It”

Dive in! I promise it’s fun.

Read full article here.