THE #FUTURE OF #MEDICINE: #AugmentedReality #App uncovers what’s under the skin

This augmented reality app looks amazing. I can also see how it can be used as a tool for artists. Developed by 3D4Medical, Project Esper is an app, that along with other digital imaging tools, will change the way the practice of medicine is done.

Project Esper is how we envision our medical technology being brought into the real world through the use of augmented reality.

Being able to use our highly detailed and accurate anatomical model in the context of real life will offer users an extra level of immersion, while also allowing for brand new use cases for our technology.

In colleges, students will be able to simulate dissections from their dorm rooms, no longer needing a cadaver in a lab.

In classrooms, educators will be able to isolate and enlarge specific body regions and organs, facilitating truly interactive groupwork between students.

In clinics, practitioners will be able to show patients at a real-life scale and in real-time how their bodies should be working and contrast that with any condition the patient might be experiencing.

Read more about Project Esper here.