USING #INSTAGRAM FOR GOOD: Using #Barbie to confront #WhiteSaviours in #Africa

(IMAGE: Quartz Africa)

In the satirical Instagram account for Savior Barbie, Barbie is in Africa running an NGO that provides drinking water to locals. “Harnessing broken white hearts to provide water to those in Africa, one tear at a time,” the tagline for her organization reads. The account, started a month ago by two 20-something white women who have worked in East Africa, now has over 18,000 followers.

This project’s been out awhile but it’s doing the rounds again on Facebook and for good reason – it’s a fantastic use of social media and satire to confront the white saviour complex and “voluntourism” in places like Africa. We all know somebody who is that person posting problematic pics on Facebook. Now you can copy the article link and comment “I’ll just leave this here” on their wall.

You can follow on Instagram @barbiesavior.

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